Climate control census

Last November, during Workload and Wellbeing Month, the QTU launched a climate control survey to enable Reps to record both the temperature of the classroom at key points during the day, and the impact that the room temperature has on teacher and student wellbeing.

Thank you to the Reps who have taken the time to complete the census so far. 

We also welcome and encourage any new Reps to complete the survey as all data is valuable to us on this topic. 

CENSUS IS DUE WEEK 30 April to 4 May. Please use the link below to enter your results. 

Because this survey involves the collection of data over the working day, we recommend that you record data on the this downloadable hard copy form then at the end of the day, enter all data you have collected at once, via this on-line survey.

It is important that the same reps undertake the census, particularly if they are at the same school, to give us the valuable data that we can use to campaign in the future for improved climate control in classrooms throughout Queensland.

Page updated 24 April 2018


Last year (2017), workplaces were invited to commit to participating in the QTU climate control survey.

The survey will run over a 12 month period and have eight census points. During these weeks, members will be asked to measure the temperature within their classrooms at differing times of the day.

This data will provide the QTU with an insight into the effectiveness of the various climate control measures across the state at different times in the year. It will also assist in informing a review of QTU policy and the Union’s State Budget submission and campaign.

The Union will seek a commitment from the government that it will work with members and review the outcomes of our research to determine its own response to the issue of climate control in schools.

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