Domestic and family violence

The QTU recognises DFV as a workplace issue.  

In previous years, the QTU’s Women Teachers and Girls Education Committee developed support materials for schools to assist them in circumstances where members may be experiencing DFV.

Recently, Executive has committed to investigating the provision of DV Work Aware training as part of our QTEC program for 2018.

Additionally, QTU Officers are undertaking training during the remainder of 2017. The QTU is an active participant in the Ministerial Round Table regarding the Not Now, Not Ever report, and at our recent conference hosted a DET workshop on supporting employees in managing DFV issues.


DAY OF ACTION 30 Nov - We won't wait

Campaign for national paid domestic and family violence leave for all Australian workers Day of action: Thursday 30 November

Petition for "We Won't Wait Campaign"

Send a clear message to the Federal Minister for Women and Industrial Relations that vulnerable women need paid leave in the national employment standards.

"We Won't Wait" Video

Watch and share the ACTU's “Without Paid Leave, You Can’t Leave’ Video. Please also distribute this through your networks.

We Won't Wait campaign page

Go to the ACTU “We won’t wait” campaign page

Employees affected by domestic and family violence

QTU information brochure including information on departmental policy, leave entitlements, flexible working arrangements and support, confidentiality and disclosure, work performance and attendance, safety in the workplace and more

DET's DFV training video from Our Watch

"It’s up to you. It’s up to me. It’s up to us."

Qld Communities Dept: Domestic and Family Violence page

Links to the Not Now, Not Ever report and the Queensland government's strategy/response

The Queensland Government End Domestic Violence website

Includes lists of resources and where to get help

DET: Supporting Staff affected by Domestic & Family Violence Policy

Available on One Portal for DET staff

DET: Domestic and Family Violence Workplace Safety Checklist

Available on One Portal for DET staff

DET: Domestic & Family Violence Workplace Safety Plan

Available on One Portal for DET staff