Highly Accomplished and Lead Teacher Certification Pilot

A pilot of the Highly Accomplished and Lead teacher classification is currently underway in two regions, North Coast and Far North Queensland. More than 400 teachers have applied to be involved in the pilot, which is being held in 3 cohorts.  The Highly Accomplished and Lead Teacher Working Group, consisting of representatives from the Department, the Queensland College of Teachers and the QTU continues to meet on a regular basis to monitor the Pilot.

The Pilot has now commenced with the first cohorts receiving their face-to-face professional development at the end of Term 1 and early in Term 2. The professional development program for the second cohort is set to commence in late May. A new group of 42 assessors will be trained to ensure the larger than expected number of applications are able to be assessed in a timely manner. Assessors will be released from their schools for the duration of Term 3 to enable them to assess portfolios and undertake school visits.

During Term 4, the portfolios will be assessed by the QCT, who is the body responsible for the national certification process. Once certified, successful Highly Accomplished and Lead teachers will not receive any additional remuneration until 2019 when full implementation will occur and all teachers will be able to apply..

A value of role assessment will be undertaken by the QIRC in July 2018 to determine the level of remuneration for a HAT and Lead teacher.

More information is available on the Department’s One Portal website.

4 May 2017