March 2012 - January 2015


February 2015 - current

  • Made all VET funding fully contestable, with TAFE made into a commercially-driven statutory authority. 
  • By 2015, drove TAFE’s market share to 30% by supporting funding of for-profit RTOs, many of which are now been stripped of their credentials.
  • Personal control of training investment through a ministerial council directing funding allocations.
  • Drove student enrolments in TAFE and the number of people in apprenticeships to the lowest levels in decades
  • Stripped TAFE of its assets by establishing the Queensland Training Assets Management Authority (QTAMA), forcing TAFE to compete against private providers for access to its own assets.
  • Attempted to strip away a range of working rights of TAFE educators, including class size targets, non-attendance time, overtime and hours of duty.
  • Closed and planned to sell TAFE campuses, especially in rural and regional areas, as part of a plan to reduce TAFE infrastructure by more than 50%.
  • Defunded the Training Ombudsman, which investigated student complaints against RTOs.
  • Cut the highly successful Skilling Queenslanders for Work program, which gave training support to disadvantaged jobseekers.
  • Through the Rescuing TAFE fund of $34 million over three years, reinvested in TAFE as the trusted public provider.
  • Refocused government investment on quality vocational education and training by ensuring that the high standards of the public provider are mirrored in private RTOs.
  • Ended the planned asset sell-off, abolished QTAMA and returned TAFE assets to Department of Education and Training control.
  • Restored regional access to local TAFE campuses
  • Concluded an enterprise bargaining agreement that delivered wage rises and protected all working conditions for TAFE teachers.
  • Invested in renewal of TAFE campuses to ensure facilities support high quality education.
  • Reinstated the Training Ombudsman.
  • Reinstated Skilling Queenslanders for Work with a $240m investment.
  • Created Jobs Queensland as an independent advisor regarding training investment for the state.