Comparing the records of the ALP and LNP


Every state election is important for QTU members – they are effectively voting for who should be their employer. Members make their own decisions about how to cast their votes, on issues including their job security, working conditions, and the support likely to be given to their schools, TAFE campuses and students. As union members, wider concerns around the respect and care shown for Queensland workers are also important.

The 2017 state election is different from previous elections in one important way: rarely has there been a chance to so clearly see the differences between the two major parties – the LNP and the ALP – based on their recent records in power.

Of course, all parties will make promises during the election campaign period, and the QTU will be publishing on its website a weekly round-up of those most relevant to members each Friday until 24 November. However, we saw how much those promises can be worth with the election of the Newman/Nicholls government in 2012: from sacking public servants to stripping away workers’ industrial rights and trying to gag unions (and any other group which spoke against the government), the LNP’s hidden agenda was revealed as soon as it came to power.

This election, recent history cannot be ignored