March 2012 - January 2015


February 2015 - current

  • Sacked 14,000 government employees (after claiming before the 2012 election that “public servants have nothing to fear from an LNP government”).
  • Cut more than 500 teaching positions from Queensland state schools by changing the way school staffing was allocated.
  • Tried to impose fixed-term contracts on principals and deputy principals (after having imposed contracts on government-employed doctors); also tried to force school leaders to obtain a business or commerce higher qualification to qualify for a contract.
  • Through award stripping (aka “modernisation”) and policy changes, removed government commitments to permanent employment for public servants, including teachers.
  • Removed appeal process for teacher transfers, and removed QTU representatives from principal selection panels
  • Reinstated public servant jobs lost under the LNP; reinstated positions are mostly on the frontline of education, health and policing.
  • Addressed the LNP’s teaching position shortfall by providing 3,450 new teaching positions, including 875 teaching positions above what was needed to cover enrolment growth.
  • Ruled out contracts for principals and deputy principals.
  • Added 8,000 teacher-aide hours per week.
  • Reintroduced the Employment Security Policy for government employees that had been removed by the LNP, committing the ALP government to permanent employment for public servants; included arrangements for schools to make school-purchased positions into permanent positions.
  • Returned QTU representatives to principal selection panels