Your vote, your choice, your future

If you care about public education and workers’ rights, there is a stark but simple choice in this election. We have had recent experience of the two alternative governments: Newman/ Nicholls LNP from 2012 -2015 and Palaszczuk ALP from 2015 to now.

The election is your say on who your employer is, who decides education funding and policy and what the rules of your employment are in this state.

Tim Nicholls was the Treasurer in the Newman/ Nicholls “slash and sell” government. Their record includes:

  • school and TAFE closures and sale
  • 519 teaching positions cut
  • proposals for performance pay for teachers and contracts for principals and deputy principals
  • no consultation 
  • delayed enterprise bargaining
  • laws to overturn agreed rights to permanency, class sizes, workload etc.
  • giving private VET access to TAFE facilities and funding
  • broken promises on IPS.

Their two positives were the distribution of Gonski funding to schools (though not on a real needs basis) and mentoring for beginning teachers.

The Palaszczuk government with Kate Jones as Education Minister has:

  • employed 875 teachers over enrolments and 45 extra guidance officers
  • started the process of creating highly accomplished and lead teachers
  • committed to the Promotional Positions Classification Review
  • changed allocation of Gonski I4S funds to a more needs basis
  • slowed change to assist with workload
  • made an EB agreement for TAFE
  • consulted broadly on change
  • boosted TAFE funding and started to re-build TAFE
  • restored fair industrial relations, workers’ compensation and safety laws
  • stood up to the Turnbull government on education.

QTU members cannot afford another period of LNP government.

Minor parties

The policies of the Greens on education and industrial relations are progressive and supportable. But they have never yet had a member in the Queensland Parliament.
The Katter's Australian Party’s two members have supported the Palaszczuk government in its work. At the time of writing (2 November), KAP had no education or industrial relations policy available.

Pauline Hanson’s One Nation has no published education or industrial relations policy.

Your vote

You will cast your vote according to your own conscience and based on issues important to you. The return of an ALP government is in your best interests as a teacher and a government employee. An LNP government would be a return to three dark years on education and industrial relations. An unstable government could be even worse.