What members are saying...

Natalie Clarke
primary teacher

"It was frustrating when LNP Education Minister John-Paul Langbroek refused to listen to us when we told him we were struggling with the workload associated with rapid implementation of the Australian Curriculum.  It was refreshing, and a relief to hear ALP Education Minister Kate Jones recognise our concerns and renegotiate timelines for implementation with advice from the teaching profession via our Union. I felt like I could breathe again."

Andrew Thompson
special school principal

"The LNP government agenda to introduce contracts for principals and deputy principals and performance pay for teachers demonstrated a lack of respect for and understanding of our profession and what schools need. So did the cut to more than 500 teaching positions. The ALP government ruled out contracts and performance pay, more than replaced the lost positions, and has been active in listening to and working with principals, rather than telling us what to do."

Craig Wood
high school teacher

"It's a big call for a government to decide to push back implementation timelines on something as big as the new SATE system. But this government and the Education Minister showed a willingness to put students, teachers and school communities ahead of policy implementation and made the sensible decision to delay by one year. There will still be a lot of work involved but we will all better prepared as a result."

Eloise Gallagher
TAFE teacher

“It was completely demoralising to see my colleagues, who had dedicated themselves to developing and delivering high quality training, forced out of TAFE due to budget cuts and voluntary early retirement. It was also really worrying that the LNP government was prepared to cut training subsidies and force costs back on to some of the most vulnerable Queenslanders. To close and plan to sell off TAFE campuses on top of that was devastating. We simply can’t afford to go back to that again.”