Term 2, 2017

MBT – Mentoring Beginning Teacher Program

The MBT has previously been discussed in FLARE and other QTU communications, however there are still many questions asked, especially by new educators.

So if you are provisionally registered, have fewer than 200 days teaching experience and are permanently employed or on a long term contract, OR if you are about to enter the profession as a mid-year graduate, then this information is for you.

The MBT program:

  • trains mentors to guide the practice of beginning teachers
  • matches beginning teachers with experienced teachers
  • supports mentors by providing them with release time and ongoing networking and professional learning to improve the support available to beginning teachers.

Release time

The department will fund release time enabling mentors to work with beginning teachers and support their professional development.

  • Schools will receive up to 18 hours of Teacher Relief Scheme (TRS) funding per term, per eligible beginning teacher (up to 72 hours of release time per year, per beginning teacher).
  • TRS is available for all beginning teachers and will be paid through the School Appropriation and Budget Application (SABA).

To read more CLICK HERE 

If you have any further questions, email the Queensland Teachers’ Assist Desk (QTAD) at qtad@qtu.asn.au 

Probation and Provisional Registration

Probation and provisional registration are two key components for all new educators.  It is important that you understand that these are 2 different processes but run along similar timeframes and are often confused.

More information:

If you have any questions email QTAD.

QTU Membership

Each and every one of you reading this newsletter understand the importance of QTU membership and the benefits it brings.

However, many of you would know someone who is either teaching or studying education who hasn’t taken the opportunity to join at this point in time.

Talk to that person about why you joined and the importance of membership for our profession.  Share the below link with them and encourage them to sign up – membership is all of our responsibility!

Join on-line link : https://www.qtu.asn.au/Join

Free resource for new educators: “Beginning your teaching career: a basic guide”

The QTU developed a basic guide for new educators a couple of years ago. This is a one-stop-shop of information developed by new educators for new educators. CLICK HERE TO ACCESS YOUR GUIDE

The QTU is your professional, industrial and legal voice. Current information can always be found on the QTU website www.qtu.asn.au

If you have a question, email the Queensland Teachers’ Assist Desk (QTAD) at qtad@qtu.asn.au

If you’d like to chat about something that is happening at your workplace or uni, call QTAD on 1300 11 7823

Enjoy the rest of your term two. Remember, your Union is always there for you.

Lynn Cowie-McAlister
QTU Officer

 Authorised by Graham Moloney, General Secretary, Queensland Teachers' Union