Term 4, 2017

Term 4 is known for just how quick it goes.  With end of year assessment, reporting, activities ... teaching life can become overwhelming!

Workload and wellbeing awareness month – WWAM!

November marks QTU WWAM.  This is prime time to take a breath and reflect on your workload and well-being.  What is happening in your workplace to ensure yourself and your colleagues stay well? 

QTU members have identified workload intensification as a major issue for our workforce and the QTU continues to deliver in this area!

To learn more click here www.qtu.asn.au/wwam or here www.qtu.asn.au/nflash-1017.

Membership offer - $30 for the remainder of 2017

The only way the QTU can continue to deliver for its members is by maintaining high levels of density.  If you are receiving this newsletter you already value your QTU membership and we thank you for your on-going commitment to our profession.  However some of your colleagues and friends may not have taken the opportunity to become a QTU member yet. 

There is a special membership offer currently - $30 for the remainder of 2017.  Below is a link to our on line membership application.  If you know someone who isn’t a member, maybe you could forward the link on along with the reasons why you became a member.  Membership is all of our responsibility.

Join online here

Why join the QTU?

State election called

The QTU is NOT affiliated to any political party.  However, as the state government is our employer it is important to be active in this space.

The QTU will support any candidate from any political party who supports public education, the QTU and our policies!

When you vote it affects your working conditions which impacts upon our profession and the students who we teach.  It is pivotal that you know WHAT you are voting for.

In the lead up to the election, the QTU has published education comparisons of Queensland political parties.  Please take the time to read and compare.

2017 interviews for employment purposes

The current interview for rating purposes is under review. The QTU has been seeking a statement from DET regarding this matter, and we have now recently been provided with the following information:

The department (in consultation with the QTU) has been trialling an alternative process since Term 2, 2017 in Far North Queensland, with positive results.  Final review of the pilot will occur towards the end of this year, with a planned statewide rollout from 2018.

As you will be aware, the Queensland Government is now under caretaker arrangements, meaning that no changes to policy will be approved at this time.  To provide some clarity around teacher suitability during the election period and until the end of 2017, we wish to advise that there is no change to the current departmental position regarding teacher suitability assessment interviews.  If your region’s practice has been to continue to conduct suitability assessment panels or schools in your region run these independently, please be advised that this should continue for the remainder of 2017. 

What this means is that if you are in a region which has previously conducted interviews for suitability assessment ratings in order to meet workforce demand,  this will occur until at least the end of this year.  The best way to determine if the region in which you conducted your final placement undertakes the interviews (or not) is to contact  the relevant regional office.

It is important to note that employment (permanent, temporary and supply) can be offered WITHOUT a suitability rating.

For those considering future employment opportunities with DET, I would refer you to the DET website.  There are current vacancies which can be accessed under the Smart Jobs section of the DET website as well.

If you would like to discuss further please contact the QTU and ask to speak with Elissa Ferguson or Lynn Cowie-McAlister.

Have a great rest of your term and an even better vacation. 

 Authorised by Graham Moloney, General Secretary, Queensland Teachers' Union