It's Labour Day – and you’re invited!

State-wide preparations are underway for QTU members to celebrate Labour Day with their Union.

It’s a fantastic way to join together and reflect on the great work of our Union and the positive impact unions have in our communities.

As we come together to celebrate our conditions as proud members of the Queensland Teachers’ Union, it is always timely to be mindful of the important and powerful impact our Union has had in its 128 year history. After all, we only have the working conditions and wages we have today because of past generations of Union members working collectively.

When we come together this year, we join with other unions to fight to protect penalty rates. We all know people who work unsociable hours on weekends and public holidays to make ends meet, and what a difference penalty rates make to our friends, our families, our students and the families of the kids we teach. Unions know trickledown economics just don’t add up, and penalty rates make a difference. Join with us to make a stand, and have a great time while making your voice heard.

QTU members are encouraged to bring their families and friends to join in the marches and also the family friendly fun, which in many locations includes children’s rides, live music and BBQs.

You can find up-to-date information on the QCU website ( T-shirts, caps and balloons will be available at all official QTU Labour Day events. Come along and show you are #QTU Proud.

Penny Spalding                                                                                                             Assistant Secretary - Women's and Social Welfare Issues

Queensland Teachers' Journal, Vol 122 No 3, 14 April 2017, p6