OAM for Angelo

Angelo Gavrielatos, Gonski warrior and passionate advocate for public education and the teachers and school leaders within it, has received the Order of Australia.

Angelo was awarded the honour in recognition of his service to industrial relations and to educational organisations. The former President of the Australian Education Union is now Project Director at the peak teacher union organisation Education International in Brussels, Belgium, where he was when the announcement was made.

“It wouldn’t surprise anyone that I would have liked to have been home today,” he said.
“I’ve been very fortunate in my political life, and privileged to do what we do. We get to live out our politics every single day and we do so in trying to achieve something great. It’s a great cause that we’re all a part of, and it’s the cause of trying to achieve quality education for every kid, every young adult around the world, and we should never forget that privilege.

“It is an honour, but really it’s a tribute to the members in Australia and worldwide that we’re recognised like this because were it not for their active engagement, their active participation, their motivation and their inspiration, we would be nothing. So, onwards and upwards.”

Queensland Teachers' Journal, Vol 122 No 1, 10 February 2017, p5