Review of classification structure

The review of the classification structure is one of the major pieces of work to arise as a consequence of the new certified agreement.

A preliminary meeting with DET was held in mid-November 2016. Draft terms of reference for the working group have been developed and are to be finalised at the next meeting (to be held early in term one).

As the review will result in a change to the classification structure, i.e. it is industrial in nature and arises as a consequence of the certified agreement, the parties to the working group are the QTU and DET. Further meetings will be held this year and a reference group will be established that will provide input to the working group. The final composition of the working group will be determined at its next meeting.

The scope of work being undertaken by the joint QTU/DET working group is to include:

  • leading the review of streams 2 and 3
  • inviting and coordinating submissions for the review
  • undertaking an analysis of work value and comparative remuneration levels
  • examining drivers and impacts on classifications
  • communicating with key stakeholders
  • preparing a review summarising the findings of the review for the Queensland Government, which will inform EB negotiations. 

As the review will inform negotiations for EB9, it is important that during what is likely to be a state election, all parties commit to recognising the importance of the review and delivering its outcomes for Queensland’s school leaders. The QTU will provide further information and seek advice from members when work recommences this term.

Kate Ruttiman                                                                                                                   Deputy General Secretary (Member Services)

Queensland Teachers' Journal, Vol 122 No 1, 10 February 2017, p6