Highly accomplished and lead teacher pilot update

Applications to take part in the highly accomplished and lead teacher certification pilot in Queensland closed in February.

Applications had been invited from eligible teachers in the North Coast and Far North Queensland Regions. There was an overwhelming response, with more than 450 teachers successfully applying to commence the process.

Applicants will receive some professional development to help them to understand the application process and assessment of portfolios will commence in semester two. The high level of applications received also means that more assessors will be trained to support the pilot.

Discussions regarding the value of role assessment to be undertaken in the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission have also commenced, and it is expected that the highly accomplished and lead teacher classifications and new pay level will come into effect from the beginning of 2019.

QTU members participating in the pilot are encouraged to keep in touch with the Union throughout the process, as it is important that any potential issues are dealt with and that excellent practices occurring in schools or clusters can be shared with others.

Sam Pidgeon 

Queensland Teachers' Journal, Vol 122 No 2, 10 March 2017, p6