Shanghai Education Union visit 

A 15 year association of friendship and learning has continued with the biennial visit of the Shanghai Education Union (SEU) to Queensland.

The SEU has a membership of teaching and non-teaching staff from all levels of educational institution – from schools through to universities. Established in 2002, this tripartite association between the SEU, QTU and Independent Education Union Queensland and Northern Territory Branch has seen significant mutual benefits.

This year’s school visits were to both public and private Gold Coast schools, including Broadbeach State School, where delegates were treated to a digital presentation from the multicultural student body showcasing their rich backgrounds and heritage. The delegation then visited Queensland’s largest school, Varsity College and one of the most expensive schools in Queensland – the Southport School.

The delegates also attended a symposium delivered by QTU Vice-President Sam Pidgeon and Deputy General Secretary Kate Ruttiman. With 70 per cent of the QTU membership being women, Sam and Kate illustrated the importance of women being active and involved in the Union and highlighted the challenges the membership have overcome in past decades. The delegation was interested in the notion of paid parental leave and extended unpaid family leave. They stated that the symposium was one of the highlights of the visit.
Each visit strengthens the triparty relationship between the three unions and provides a wealth of knowledge of ways to improve our approach to education and unionism.

Zeb Sugden                                                                                                                          South Queensland Organiser

Jodie Walsh                                                                                                                          Gold Coast Organiser

Queensland Teachers' Journal, Vol 122 No 8, 3 November 2017, p25