New Educator Network 2017

The annual New Educator Network (NEN) training was held in Brisbane on Friday 18 and Saturday 19 August.

The training brings together QTU activists in their first five years of teaching from across the state and provides them with professional development in a number of key areas.

Members were given the trips and tricks of communication by QTU Media Advisor Nicole Mathieson, and public speaking by QTU NEN12 participant Brent Brown. Recruitment and conflict resolution also featured as a key part of the training.

This year, the annual training coincided with the QTU Professional Issues Conference, and NEN participants had the opportunity to join fellow activists to listen to the Director-General of Education, QUT Associate Professor Greg Thompson and QTU Deputy General Secretary Kate Ruttiman as they responded to member Q&As about professional issues.

On the Saturday, members further developed their public speaking skills and designed a local level engagement incorporating the key messages from the QTU Staying Well strategy.

Participants from NEN17 will now engage with NENs from previous years to promote the QTU with new educators and encourage their activism in local area issues and QTU campaigns.

Queensland Teachers' Journal, Vol 122 No 7, 6 October 2017, p6