QTU sets state election priorities

The QTU has confirmed which education policies it wishes to see offered to the people of Queensland by the political parties taking part in the next state election.

QTU State Council met on 26 August to consider the final list of Union claims for the forthcoming state election. This followed six months of membership discussion and consultation. These claims will be put to political parties and/or individual candidates, who will be asked to respond as part of the QTU’s election campaign. These claims cover a broad range of policy, workload and resourcing issues, aimed at improving public education and the lives of teachers and students across the whole of Queensland.

QTU members will also be invited to join local union campaign teams as part of the Queensland Council of Unions’ (QCU) election campaign. These local teams will look at engaging with other union members and the public across the state in the lead up to the election.

The Union’s involvement in the state election is also informed by the 2017 QTU Biennial Conference Statement, and in particular the section related to the Union’s involvement in state and federal elections.

The impact of politics and governments at both state and federal level on public education, training and teaching is so profound that it simply cannot be ignored. Consequently, while the QTU is not affiliated with any political party, the Union is involved in election campaigns. QTU campaigns will seek to help elect governments and candidates who support teachers, school leaders, TAFE, public schools and workers’ rights.

In particular, QTU Conference supports the view that having teachers and school leaders elected to parliament definitely contributes greater knowledge of and genuine consultation across government about key issues that impact upon schools, TAFE and the work of our members.

QTU Conference supports the allocation of campaign resources, including employee time, to QTU election campaigns, while maintaining all other core business and services to members.
The QTU will analyse the policies of the major parties and candidates against the policy objectives of the Union and communicate this to members and the public. This may include member surveys, member to member phone calls and other direct campaigning in electorates where candidates sign a pledge to support key Union issues.

If you would like to get directly involved in a local campaign aimed at seeing the QTU State Election Claims delivered by a future government, contact your QTU Regional Organiser who will provide you with information about your local campaign team details.

The QTU prides itself on promoting and protecting public education, and it will be no different as we enter yet another election cycle in this state. QTU members and their families will make a significant difference to the outcome of the election, given members are located in every community across all corners of our diverse state. When we work together to achieve common outcomes, such as those sought in our list of claims, we can be powerful and positive agents for change, improving the working lives for teachers and school leaders and enhancing the educational opportunities for all Queenslanders.

Brendan Crotty                                                                                                                      Deputy General Secretary (Member Organising)

Queensland Teachers' Journal, Vol 122 No 7, 6 October 2017, p12