Change the rules – one new union member at a time

In 2017, the Queensland Teachers’ Union grew to 45,000 members for the first time in its 129-year history. This means that, on average, nine out of 10 teachers and school leaders in workplaces across Queensland choose to belong to the QTU.

QTU members are part of something big. The Australian trade union movement consists of more than 1.5 million members who, under the leadership of Secretary Sally McManus, are seeking to #ChangeTheRules and ensure working people reap the benefits for their labours, whether via pay and conditions or through the provision of quality public services.

Whether you are seeking personal advice or support, benefiting from knowledgeable Union Representatives advocating for your rights in the workplace, or knowing that you are contributing to bringing about wins for the profession in enterprise bargaining negotiations, professional issues or matters such as teacher accommodation, QTU membership works for you every day.

Each year, the QTU legal assistance program represents members on matters as varied as complaints against teachers and school leaders, WorkCover claims, and matters arising out of alleged breaches of legislation such as the mandatory reporting obligations under the Education (General Provisions) Act 2006. Statistically, 50 per cent of all QTU members will access legal assistance from their Union during their career. That is a sobering statistic, but one that should provide peace of mind for all financial members of the QTU - someone will be in their corner fighting on their behalf if they find themselves in difficulty.

As the peak representative body of teachers and school leaders in Queensland state schools and TAFE, your Union is your voice within and beyond the profession. The QTU is represented in hundreds of meetings with your employer and a range of stakeholder groups, in our own state and beyond, on a national and international level.

In 2018, your Union will be advocating for you in the Promotional Position Classification Review and the highly accomplished and lead teacher value of role assessment, and is also seeking to #ChangeTheRules on matters such as NAPLAN testing, girls' school uniforms and the impact of the IPS program.

By spending a couple of minutes talking to a potential member about these achievements and what we can achieve together in the future, you can grow the strength of your Union in your workplace. Potential members can also be directed to where they can join online and gain the instant protection and benefits of Union membership.

Brendan Crotty                                                                                                                      Deputy General Secretary (Member Organising)

Queensland Teachers' Journal, Vol 123 No 1, 9 February 2018, p16