2018 teacher transfer process

 byJeff Backen, Assistant Secretary
16 February 2018

Although we are still in term 1, it is timely to discuss the transfer process as it now begins in this term with an email communication* to teachers who have not undertaken rural and/or remote service.

The QTU supports the email as it is an attempt by the department to communicate with teachers who have not undertaken rural and/or remote service and it is part of a strategy to ensure the department can staff schools across the State.

Although last year’s email was received by some teachers who had undertaken such service nevertheless it’s aim is to invite teachers who have not undertaken rural and/or remote service to consider doing so and to engage with regional staffing officers to discuss a possible transfer and a guaranteed right of return to a geographic area of preference.

Principals will have been notified of the email before members receive this Journal and teachers will receive the email on 28 February. See relevant timelines below.

21 February - Notice to Principals so they can speak to their teachers
28 February – Teachers receive email with subject line - Encouraging you to consider your next career move
14 March – Email responses closes
16 March – Reminder email sent to those who don’t respond
23 March – Email responses close for reminder email
29 March – End of term 1
17 April – Start of term 2
30 April – Transfer applications open

Please find below departmental content about the 2018 teacher transfer application process.

Every year in term two, the Department of Education opens the teacher transfer system for applications from eligible teachers seeking to relocate for the next school year.

In 2018, the system will be open for applications from 30 April until 8 June; with transfer notifications being released on 13 September 2018.

All permanent teachers who have completed their probation are encouraged to apply. Gaining experience across different school settings not only increases your proficiency and expertise but creates a foundation for future leadership roles and could even accelerate your career.

This year you will notice a change in the online transfer application form; applicants will now indicate their preferences by geographic area and not by school. IPS schools are not able to be selected as a geographic area.

Continuing from last year:

  • You are able to attach your CV to your application.
  • If you transfer from your current school to a school with a transfer rating of 4 to 7, you will be eligible for a Guaranteed Transfer at the end of your minimum service period. The guarantee is to one of three chosen geographic areas and if your school is in an AMP community, the guarantee is to one of two chosen geographic areas.
  • Expressions of Preference continue for professional development movements.

If you are interested in transferring, make sure you submit your application early. Submitting the application early in the process will allow the receiving regions more time to identify and create vacancies for teachers returning from the completion of rural or remote service.

Transfer applications continue to need the support of your principal and regional HR teams are available to answer any questions.

Further information is also available on the Teacher Transfers OnePortal page or at the Teach Rural Career Fair being held on 19 April at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre.

As in previous years the QTU recommends members who are interested in undertaking rural and/or remote service engage with the teacher transfer application process and regional staffing officers. Members interested in returning to a specific region or geographic area e.g. Sunshine Coast should obtain clear advice from departmental officers about what service will deliver a transfer to a particular area or areas.

Members who cannot undertake this service should also be able to provide the department, if requested, the information and/or evidence that prevents them undertaking this service.

Members who are currently in rural/remote areas and are applying for transfer should note the above information which states that this year you will only apply for geographic areas which was the case prior to the introduction of IPS. In 2018 your application for transfer will be consider by the regional officers and all the principals in your preferred geographic areas. There will be no preference in school selection based on IPS status.

Members applying for transfer in 2018 who have questions about the process can contact the Queensland Teacher Assist Desk (QTAD) on 1300 in the first instance.