Industrial Relations Act 2016 requirements.

The Queensland Government has introduced a number of changes in the Industrial Relations Act 2016 which has reduced the number of Registers and Statements previously required to be published under the old Act  (the Industrial Relations Act 1999).

Whilst we are no longer be required to publish those politically-motivated Registers and Statements, it is important to note that the QTU was, and remains, an open, well-run and accountable organisation dedicated to ensuring that its members’ funds were spent properly and in the interest of state school teachers and principals across Queensland. 

We will continue to publish our Financial Disclosure Statements and Financial Accounts as per the link below. 

     Financial statements

     Financial policies and registers

In accordance with the new Act we will continue to maintain

  • financial policies covering
    • decision making,
    • authorisations, 
    • credit card usage, 
    • contracting, 
    • travel and accommodation, 
    • entertainment and hospitality, 
    • gifts and financial complaints
  • together with registers covering
    • financial management training, 
    • gifts and hospitality given or received, 
    • material interests, 
    • highest paid officers remunerations and 
    • loans and grants.

All of these policies and registers are and will be available for the inspection by the Industrial Registrar and or other authorised personnel in accordance with the new Act.

     Audit Committee

The Union has an Audit Committee that examines the accounts and seeks explanations of anything unexpected or potentially irregular. That Committee comprises the Senior Officers of the QTU, a member of the QTU Executive and an independent member with accounting qualifications. 

The monthly accounts are scrutinised by the elected Executive and State Council.  The accounts of the QTU are also audited annually by one of the big four accounting firms, Ernst and Young, whose “best practice” recommendations for improvement have always been implemented.

     Credit cards

Union Officers issued credit cards for work purposes must abide by a policy which defines the legitimate uses of Union-issued credit cards. They must account for their credit card use monthly, and a Senior Officer must verify that this use is in accordance with the policy.

Credit card use is also monitored in the Finance and Corporate Services area of the Union.


It is also important to note that the QTU is not affiliated with any political party, nor does it donate funds to any political parties.  Under the QTU Constitution, political party affiliation could only occur after a referendum of all members.

The QTU is affiliated with the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) and the Queensland Council of Unions (QCU), the peak Australian and Queensland Union bodies.  Neither of the bodies is affiliated with, or donates funds to, any political party.