G. A. Daughtrey Art Bequest

The G. A. Daughtrey Art Bequest was established to honour the contribution to the Union of George Alexander Daughtrey, General Secretary of the Queensland Teachers’ Union (QTU) from 1935 until his death in office in 1956.

In July of 1956, the State Council determined that a G. A. Daughtrey Memorial Fund be established for the purchase of original works of art to be presented to the Teachers’ College. Each year the Trustees of the Union were to spend a sum not exceeding the annual interest accrued on the fund. In 2016, the State Council decided to close the separate GA Daughtrey Bequest Fund but to continue the bequest by drawing on the general funds of the QTU.

The practice of presenting each acquisition to the Teachers’ College continued until 1973. Since 1974, when the Union moved to Spring Hill, new items added to the collection have been exhibited in Union offices. 

Voices Rising by Phil Monsour was commissioned by the Queensland Teachers' Union for the GA Daughtrey Art Collection 2017

1956 to 2016