NAPLAN and NAPLAN online

Curriculum and assessment are among the most fundamental aspects of our professional roles as teachers. Significant national and international debate has highlighted the impact of undue political interference in these professional responsibilities and the benefits that flow from letting teachers teach. Now is the time for the profession to assert itself in this space like never before. After ten long years of NAPLAN tests impacting on education and teacher and student wellbeing, we need a complete review of this national assessment program.

To this end, all branches and associated bodies of our federal union, the Australian Education Union, have determined to withdraw support from NAPLAN Online and call for a complete review of the NAPLAN testing regime. The QTU has now also determined through democratic processes, to use industrial strength to halt the further introduction of NAPLAN online if required.

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By Sam Pidgeon, Vice-President | To be published in Queensland Teachers' Journal, Vol 123 No 1, 9 February 2018, p11

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The QTU State Council has voted unanimously to withdraw support for the online version of NAPLAN and determined to ballot members on banning its implementation and call for a review of NAPLAN with a view to replacing it.

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30 August 2017: QTU withdraws support for NAPLAN Online

The Queensland Teachers’ Union State Council has now determined that the QTU will withdraw support for the introduction of NAPLAN Online.