Friday 18 August: The QTU held a very successful Professional Issues Conference for 100 teacher and school leader members from all over Queensland.

We were fortunate to have a number of respected academics, Department of Education officials including the Director-General, and officers from the QCAA and the QCT. 


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  2. Strengthening Research Rich Teaching Profession project

Presentations have been included where available.

Dr Glenn Savage

Dr Glenn Savage: Senior Lecturer in Public Policy and Education, The University of Western Australia; Author, Educating Australia: Challenges for the Decade Ahead: Spoke on the unprecedented number of national reforms, new curriculum, and new teaching standards in schools in the past decades and the challenges that lie in the decade ahead

Greg Thompson

Greg Thompson: Associate Professor, Education Research, Queensland University of Technology; Author, The Global Education Race (co-written with Sam Sellar and David Rutkowski): Summarised his recent book The global education race,  to suggest that when we don’t understand the limitations of ILSAs, strange policy invariably follows

Jacqueline Wilton

Jacqueline Wilton: Director, Curriculum Services Division, Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority: Outlined details of the significant work being undertaken by the QCAA to prepare for the introduction of the new senior assessment and tertiary entrance system from 2019

Dr Mary Lincoln

Dr Mary Lincoln, Director Early Learning Pathways, DET: Outlined the research behind the expansion of age appropriate pedagogies in the early years across Queensland schools

Jane Newman

Jane Newman: Deputy Principal, Nundah State School: Sppke about the support she provided to schools as an age-appropriate pedagogies coach and the journey to introduce it into her own school

Dr Jim Watterston

Dr Jim Watterston, Director-General of the Department of Education and Training:  Spoke on state government priorities, department initiatives and emerging issues that will impact on teachers and school leaders

Presentation slides (PDF)

Sam Pidgeon

Sam Pidgeon: QTU Vice-President: Provided the history of the introduction of highly accomplished and lead teacher and an update on the latest curriculum issues

Kate Ruttiman

Kate Ruttiman: QTU Deputy General Secretary: Outlined the QTU's Workload and Wellbeing Strategy

John Ryan

John Ryan: Director, Queensland College of Teachers: Outlined the QCT role in the certification of highly accomplished and lead teachers in the pilot

Presentation slides (PDF)

Panel on the progress of the highly accomplished and lead teacher pilot:

  • Sam Pidgeon, QTU Vice-President,
  • John Ryan, Director QCT,
  • Leigh Pickering, Assistant Director-General, Human Resources, DET

Q&A panel:

  • Greg Thompson, Associate Professor, QUT,
  • Kate Ruttiman, QTU Deputy General Secretary,
  • Dr Jim Watterston, Director-General, DET

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