Schools and Harmony Day 21 March 2017 – Everyone belongs

QTU Media release

Harmony Day is celebrated in Australia on 21 March and occurs in conjunction with the United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

The Australian government promotes involvement by schools and community groups in activities held on Harmony Day that highlight the theme “Everyone belongs”. General information about Harmony Day can be accessed at

The QTU and IEU-Q&NT have supported a proposal by the Teachers for Refugees and People Seeking Asylum (TRAPSA) special interest group to highlight issues for refugees and people seeking asylum through involvement in Harmony Day 2017.

Teachers at various schools across Queensland will wear these specially printed orange t-shirts on the day.


Why not get your school involved and take the opportunity to talk to students in your class about issues for refugees and people seeking asylum. A range of useful resources are available on the harmony day website:

Suggestions on way to get your school involved:

Connecting Harmony Day to the Australian curriculum:

Teaching resources for early childhood students:

Teaching resources for primary school students:

Teaching resources for junior secondary students:

A range of other resources including Facebook graphics, Instagram frames and infographics for school newsletters are also available:

Take a photo of the Harmony Day event at your school and send it to us at