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EB negotiations held over until new year

The CQU Single Bargaining Unit was due to meet for an intensive session this week and next, as the original timeframe established aimed to have in-principle agreement by year’s end.

However when the SBU met yesterday, the NTEU argued that given the distance between the positions of the parties, the intensive session should not proceed.

Subsequently all parties agreed to resume negotiations in the new year. The parties have agreed to meet twice weekly throughout February and March 2017.

As acknowledged by management in yesterday’s EB update to staff, the AEU(Q)/QTU remains committed to pursuing a separate agreement for VET Educators. We have been disappointed at how much content from the existing copied award and agreement continues to be omitted in version 2 of management’s draft. We have clearly stated that retention of existing entitlements should be the starting point that we will then negotiate from.

We are pleased to note management’s acknowledgement that the terms and conditions for VET Educators warrants further discussion. In addition to arguing for retaining existing entitlements, we have made proposals which we believe will benefit VET Educators, their students and the University. The need for the university to remain competitive in the market as well as to meet ASQA registration requirements are further considerations we’re mindful of.

To date AEU(Q)/QTU has provided the university with proposals regarding:

  • Emergency relief teaching
  • Non-attendance time and preparation
  • Programming
  • Team Based Working Arrangements
  • Workload
  • Online and blended delivery
  • Class sizes
  • Moderation and validation
  • Professional development and release to industry
  • Performance review processes
  • Classification review 
  • VET Educators delivering higher education courses
  • Temporary to permanent conversion
  • Consultation and Introduction of changes
  • Joint statements
  • Discipline and penalties
  • Bullying
  • Directive content preservation
  • Coverage
  • Educator classification standards
  • Increments
  • Emergent staffing

The AEU(Q)/QTU spent time with management today discussing existing CQU policies, as it is management’s view that many existing VET Educator entitlements are captured in policy. We have reservations about this, however we were grateful for the opportunity to learn more about existing documents.

We look forward to recommencing negotiations next year, and remain steadfast in our view that VET Educators, along with their Academic and Professional colleagues, deserve a fair outcome.

 Authorised by Graham Moloney, General Secretary, Queensland Teachers' Union