17 February 2017

TOL restructure

On 14 February in the CEO’s update a proposal to consolidate TAFE online [TOL] delivery was provided to staff with a link to an FAQ which includes details of proposed future structural and operational arrangements for TAFE online.

While the QTU had been made aware (late in 2016) that there was a desire in TAFE Queensland to change the reporting and ownership of TAFE Online, only a brief indication that such a potential project was being considered was communicated to the union. The FAQ provided on Tuesday implied a substantial and mature proposal including implementation details. Neither staff nor unions were provided with prior knowledge and there had been no consultation with the unions regarding the proposed implementation nor had the FAQ been sighted by them.

The QTU has therefore sought a full briefing from TAFE Queensland regarding the proposal. As a consequence an extraordinary TAFE Queensland Consultative Committee [TQCC] meeting has been called for Monday 20 February to discuss the matter.

At this stage the QTU neither supports nor rejects the proposal. However, the QTU is deeply disappointed at the level of consultation to date on the matter. This situation does not meet the standards set out in the new certified agreement which states at 17.1 (b),

“Consultation will:
(i) provide affected employees and the union/s with relevant information in a timely manner;

(ii) allow a reasonable period of time to receive feedback, and take into account and consider, the views of the affected employees and the union/s prior to the decision; and

(iii) provide affected employees and the union/s with reasons for making a particular decision once a decision has been made. “

We will provide further information and recommendations as soon as we have additional information following proper examination of the proposal and the purported outcomes for our members and students.

Thank you to our members for keeping us informed. We have noted the concerns expressed and will communicate the issues through the TQCC.