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Queensland Teachers' Journal

April 2017

Editorial: Promoting principal pay

The working group to review the classification structure for school leaders and others in promotional positions - one of the key outcomes of the last round of enterprise bargaining - has started work.

State Council report - 11 March 2017

A summary of the proceedings at March State Council

It's Labour Day – and you’re invited!

State-wide preparations are underway for QTU members to celebrate Labour Day with their Union.

From the President: Service deserves respect

Living and working thousands of kilometres from what was formerly “home”, with whole families relocating, has always presented personal and professional challenges. In the current era it is increasingly presenting a financial challenge as well.

Transfer update: rural and remote service

In the last Journal we outlined the 2017 teacher transfer process. In this edition, we focus on how that process impacts on rural and remote service.

Students with disability review – an initial reaction

The provision of education for all students is a policy challenge for governments across the globe.

From the VP: We’re all in this together

For the first time in its history, the ACTU has elected a woman as its Secretary, both a practical and symbolic demonstration of the ongoing changing face of unionism in Australia.

Incentives review trial terms finalised

The Trial of Differentiated RAIS Incentives Committee, a subcommittee of the Rural and Remote Incentives Review, has finalised its terms of reference. 

So Partners for Success is gone: where next?

After 17 years of supporting partnerships to improve outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, the Partners for Success (P4S) strategy is no more.

Alloway SS feels benefits of new EB

School reveals the power in the new EB

Keeping curriculum current

The C2C team is on track to complete updating the curriculum to version 8 before June, but ILMs for a range of the units have not been updated.

QTU condemns standardised phonics test

Delegates at QTU State Council have condemned the proposed year one phonics test announced in January by Federal Education Minister Simon Birmingham.

Queensland women: be involved - lead the way

On International Women’s Day (IWD), I often take stock and reflect on my activism and feminist principles and think about the communities we live and teach in.

Helping girls thrive in STEM

Across Australia, the science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) subjects on which our nation’s future success and prosperity depend are increasingly being shunned by students. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

National Gonski bus tour maintains pressure on Turnbull government

Throughout March, the Gonski campaign hit the road to share the fair funding message, with two Gonski buses criss-crossing the country.

Great reasons to join the QTU

A pull-out and keep recruitment poster

2017 Union Reps Conference

On Friday 10 March, the QTU hosted its largest ever Union Reps Conference at the Brisbane Exhibition and Convention Centre.

The law and your right to withdraw your labour

New ACTU Secretary Sally McManus’ interview on the 7.30 Report provoked outrage over her preparedness to break the law in pursuing workers’ objectives.

Stop penalty rate cuts

Queensland teachers are and should stand with workers in the hospitality, retail and fast-food industries in opposing cuts to penalty rates.

Five things you need to know about TAFE

For many in the school sector, the world of our TAFE colleagues can seem alien and strange. So to help increase understanding, here is a brief introduction to our public VET provider.

Guidance officer update

For some time, the QTU has been working closely with guidance officer (GO) and senior guidance officer (SGO) members to address a range of matters of concern to them. This article is an update on how that work is progressing.

Not now, not ever, not OK

DET has implemented some important and much needed resources and policies to support employees who are experiencing domestic and family violence (DFV).


The school year

Legal: When "punching bags" fight back

It’s a tabloid staple as reliable as death and taxes. For newspaper editors, violent students physically attacking teachers are the gift that keeps on giving.