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Queensland Teachers' Journal

February 2017

Editorial: What to look out for in 2017

The General Secretary looks at the issues the Union will be focusing on in the months ahead

QTU welcomes new Regional Organiser

Kelly Creedon has been appointed to the role of Regional Organiser – Redlands/Logan.

Union endorses new teacher accommodation policy position

The 2016 November State Council of the Union endorsed a new teacher accommodation position statement that takes into account the new ownership model and the increasing use of the private housing market.

Unions instrumental in improving state IR laws

New laws have been passed cleaning up the industrial relations chaos left by the Newman LNP government.

OAM for Angelo

Angelo Gavrielatos, Gonski warrior and passionate advocate for public education and the teachers and school leaders within it, has received the Order of Australia.

Review of classification structure

The review of the classification structure is one of the major pieces of work to arise as a consequence of the new certified agreement.

AEU 2016 New Educators’ Conference

Each year, a Queensland delegation is given the opportunity to attend the Australian Education Union’s New Educators’ Conference. In 2016, the host was the State School Teachers’ Union of Western Australia.

From the President: We turned the tide, now to clear the hurdles

As the dust settles from the outcome of the US presidential election, the geopolitics of 2017 looms as a great challenge for the advancement of the QTU’s professional and industrial agenda on behalf of members.

The birth of a new school

Overseeing the opening of a new school presents many challenges, but also many opportunities.

From the VP: We're proud to be QTU - are you?

In January, Federal MP for Bowman Andrew Laming decided to take to Facebook to question the dedication of teachers and explore his curiosity about what teachers do on their holidays.

UK teachers seek workload cuts

Workload, according to the most recent QTU member survey, is the second most important issue for members across the state. However, it not an issue that is unique to Queensland or Australia.

How do your class sizes measure up?

As we kick off another school year and see the implementation of the latest enterprise bargaining agreement, it is important to reflect on one of our most basic working conditions – maximum class sizes.

TRAPSA well and truly launched

After a full year of operation and with a number of significant activities under its belt, the Teachers for Refugees and People Seeking Asylum (TRAPSA) special interest group has had its official launch.

Birmingham's funding claims just don't stack up

As students, teachers and school leaders return to school for 2017, the issue of school funding remains unresolved.

VET FEE-HELP successor could result in "interesting times" ahead

It took the federal government three years to understand that the VET FEE-HELP scheme was being rorted unmercifully by the unscrupulous. Now it has foisted a new loan scheme on Australia’s VET students.

New TAFE agreement certified

On 5 January 2017, the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission certified the two proposed TAFE certified agreements negotiated last year, one for educators and one for TAFE support staff.

Domestic and family violence is a workplace issue

Domestic and family violence (DFV) has a dramatic and compounding impact on our community, our families, colleagues, friends and the children we teach.

Who's who in the QTU (February 2017)

Your pull-out guide to who does what in your Union.

Know your working conditions 2017

The first step towards easing your workload burden is knowing what your rights and responsibilities are. Here are some of the fundamental conditions most frequently raised by members when approaching the Union.

Commonwealth Paid Parental Leave: because babies matter!

The paid parental leave of thousands of educators remains under threat as the Turnbull government continues its efforts to pass legislation cutting entitlements.

New Educators: Welcome to teaching -things you should know

New teachers have a number of hurdles to clear during their first year in the job. Here is a brief guide to some of them.


Playground duty

Legal: Teacher registration - renew it or regret it

There are few certainties in this life. “Civilians” can rely on death and taxes. Registered teachers in Queensland, however, can rely on a third - every year they must pay an annual fee for teacher registration.