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Queensland Teachers' Journal   June 2017

Editorial: Professional autonomy and our responsibility to the truth

The most powerful force for student learning is professional autonomy. Not the managerial autonomy that allows schools to build school facilities or try out novel management structures, but the autonomy of the professional teacher.

State Council report - 20 May 2017

An update from the most recent meeting of the QTU State Council, the Union’s main decision making body.

From the President: Students are more important than politicians

The 2017 Federal Budget continued a longstanding tradition of many politicians putting themselves before their constituents. In the case of school funding, this meant putting their interests before the educational outcomes of students.

No go for NAPLAN online

Queensland has led the way in determining that NAPLAN online testing is a no-go for 2017.

From the VP: Crisis? Not in our schools...

Some conservative politicians and commentators are working very hard to generate a sense that we are a nation in crisis, Anyone working in a state school knows that this is simply not the case.

Federal Budget 2017

On 9 May, Treasurer Scott Morrison handed down the 2017 federal budget.

"Gonski 2.0" Hype or hope?

Amid the hype about Malcolm Turnbull’s attempt to deliver a new schools funding model, there’s one question he can’t answer. Will every child in Australia be able to attend a school that has enough resources to meet their needs?

Classification review established – consultation pending

After preliminary negotiations, the Promotional Positions Classification Review (PPCR) Working Group has been formed, terms of reference and the scope of the review agreed, a project manager appointed and a list of timelines and key activities established.

In times of natural disaster, the QTU is there to support members

As Queenslanders, we are used to the trauma and loss associated with natural disasters. That is why your Union established a Natural Disaster Relief Fund.

The QTU and elections: what we do and why we do it

As we head towards yet another Queensland state election, it is worth reflecting on the QTU’s current strategy, mission, values and objectives.

New provisions recognise pain of losing a baby

The Queensland Government has introduced new bereavement leave entitlements that specifically include the loss of a baby (for both parents).

ATPR: reviewing the review

The Annual Teacher Performance Review (ATPR) system has itself come under review, with a new report recommending that its implementation be strengthened.

Know your rights?

Do you know for sure that there are no infringements upon your working conditions? Who ensures that these things are correct at your school?

Tots and tech: how much screen time is too much?

To celebrate its 60th birthday, the Australian Council on Children and the Media (ACCM) recently held a seminar on Tots and Technology, which examined the challenges for early childhood in a digital age.

International Summit on the Teaching Profession 2017

The issue of teacher and school leader wellbeing and workload was promoted by teacher unions across the world at the 7th International Summit on the Teaching Profession (ISTP).

TAFE: Getting out of the bog

The feeling of being bogged down is what many TAFE teachers experience when they attempt to do what they do best – teach.

Beginning teachers embrace the “Spirit of Learning”

Over the Labour Day long weekend, 250 beginning teachers gathered from across the state to attend the ‘Spirit of Learning Residential Conference’ for early career teachers.

A newbie's guide to starting your career

New to teaching? Drowning in paperwork? Here is a quick guide to the paperwork, processes and timelines that you must complete in order to make your transition from newbie to old-hand.

Legal: Stop bullying orders

The new Industrial Relations Act 2016 introduces new powers enabling the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission (QIRC) to deal with bullying in the workplace.


Long service leave/termination of employment/"immediate family"