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Queensland Teachers' Journal March 2017

Editorial: Never apologise for what unions have achieved for workers

The media beat-up on public servants in the Australian Taxation Office has some interesting insights for Queensland teachers as we continue to grapple with excessive teacher workload.

Protect early childhood funding

The QTU is encouraging members to participate in the national Protect our Preschools campaign.

Rosemary Richards Scholarship applications open

Women QTU members are being encouraged to apply for the AEU Rosemary Richards Scholarship 2017.

Highly accomplished and lead teachers pilot update

Applications to take part in the HAT and LT certification pilot closed in February. Published : QTJ Vol. 122, no.2, 10 March 2017,p.6

From the President: Gonski - stay the course

Much of the latest commentary about school funding is designed to do one thing, distract us from the clear and unambiguous goal of a needs-based, sector-blind funding model for all schools in Australia.

2017 State Budget will be key to “Advancing Education”

The QTU asserts that increased investment in education has the potential to show that our state respects not just the students, teachers and principals currently in classrooms, but also the goal of a fairer society.

From the VP: Time to back our teachers and school leaders

The results of the latest annual Australian Principal Occupational Health, Safety and Wellbeing Survey were met with shock by many, but they simply reflected the experience of school leaders and teachers across the state.

2017 teacher transfer process

Applications may not open until term two, but the annual teacher transfer process begins way before that.Published : QTJ Vol. 122. no.2, 10 March 2017,p.6

Unpacking your conditions: The non-contact time clause in the certified agreement

QTJ, Vol. 122,no.2, 10 March 2017, p.10 :The new award and the certified agreement include strengthened provisions around the delivery of non-contact time (NCT).

Unpacking your conditions: Collegial engagement in classrooms

The Joint Statement on Collegial Engagement in Classrooms was developed to help teachers improve pedagogical practice and student learning outcomes through classroom observation and feedback based on professional trust and mutual respect.

Training for school leaders

The QTU is running a series of “Industrial relations skills for school administrators” workshops around the state.

2017 AEU Federal Conference

The AEU Federal Conference was held in Melbourne on Friday 24 February until Sunday 26 February.

We're all in the same boat

No one likes phony optimism, however, if we allow frequent and pervasive negativity to consume us we run the risk of becoming emotionally exhausted and cynical, as well as draining those around us.

EB8 strengthens conditions for temporary teachers

Membership growth in 2017

To be able to continue our important work with and on behalf of members, we all have a responsibility to encourage potential members to join the QTU.

Planning for success: know your professional rights

The professional framework within which teachers work creates multiple demands on their time and can impact heavily on their workload. But there are ways of mitigating this pressure.

QTU wins

A recruitment poster that highlights just some of the many rights and conditions that QTU members have fought for and won over recent years.

Time you got to know the new TAFE award and agreement

The only constant in TAFE and vocational education is change, and this remains an undeniable truth in 2017.

Legal: The importance of the first response

It is prudent early in the year to draw attention again to the importance of the first response made by a teacher or school administrator on important issues.


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