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Queensland Teachers' Journal

November 2017


+ 2017 State Election Supplement (click image)

Editorial: Proudly democratic

If you take the benefits, you should pay your way – your membership contribution to the collective work and achievement of the QTU.

A new look for the QTU in south east

Following State Conference's decision to establish an additional Organiser for the Union, work is underway to redistribute branches and create a new Area Council in the south east corner of the state.

WWAM: Consultation

Some commonly held views and how they align to the reality of the award and agreement.

QCU launches local state election campaign

Union members have been gathering in electorates across the state for the launch of the Queensland Council of Unions’ state election campaign.

Going for Gold

Recruitment can be hard work, and it is often less of a priority for many Reps; but recruitment is essential for the strength of our Union.

Mojgan must stay – TRAPSA organises rally and events

TRAPSA (Teachers for Refugees and People Seeking Asylum) is staging an urgent rally outside Federal Immigration Minister Peter Dutton’s electorate office on Tuesday, 21 November at 4.30pm.

From the President: Reflections on Asia-Pacific education

The recent Asia-Pacific Regional Conference of Education International addressed the lofty goal of charting the response of education unions to the United Nations' plan to transform our world through sustainable development.

The rules are broken – It's time to #changetherules

Change the Rules is the ACTU’s umbrella campaign to address a growing number of issues facing Australia’s working people, those who are looking for work and those who have retired.

From the VP: Speak up, for our students and our profession

2017 has been an exciting year for the QTU, but also for the broader union movement.

WWAM: Still time to make a change

During WWAM, schools will have taken the opportunity to review local level strategies to address workload and wellbeing. The QTU recognises that both are linked and one cannot be addressed without the other.

WWAM: QTU launches practical subjects campaign

The QTU has formed a Practical Subjects Campaign Reference Group.

WWAM: What are you doing about workload and wellbeing?

With WWAM now underway, schools are still letting us know how they are addressing workload and member wellbeing issues. Here are more examples.

WWAM: Are you FinFit?

As part of the Staying Well strategy, the QTU has partnered with our sponsor QSuper to provide members with the QSuper FinFit modules.

WWAM: How to avoid a personal energy crisis

When the last bell rings and your students pile out of the classroom, how do you normally feel? If you feel exhausted, you are not alone...

EB implementation, one year on

With 18 months before its nominal expiry date, it is timely to review the progress of the current EB.

College starts its positive education journey

In the modern world, where mental illness in young people is on the increase, schools need to be equally focused on building well-rounded, self-reflective students as much as clever ones.

Happy holidays!

To celebrate the approaching holidays, here's a pull-out poster

2018 QTU calendar

Plan for next year with our pull-out calendar/wallplanner

Principal residences and furniture kits: your questions answered

The QTU has recently become aware of a number of issues regarding principal residences and furniture kits. The Union’s State Accommodation Committee has come up with the following advice.

AEU Women’s Conference 2017: She persisted – stand up, speak out, make change!

More than 70 women of the Australian Education Union (AEU) gathered in Melbourne on the weekend of the 7-8 October for the national Women’s Conference.

Asia-Pacific unions driving the Education 2030 Agenda

With more than 17 million children, most of them girls, “out of school”, the Asia-Pacific region faces great challenges in the push to achieve sustainable development by 2030.

Shanghai Education Union visit

A 15 year association of friendship and learning has continued with the biennial visit of the Shanghai Education Union (SEU) to Queensland.

RAP: transition to 2018

The QTU has continued to build on its reconciliation achievements and actions, and has made further progress on its Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) deliverables.

Canadian approaches to Indigenous education

This year’s World Indigenous Peoples Conference on Education took place in Canada. Take a look at how that country deals with culturally appropriate approaches to Indigenous education.

Legal: Report everything; report often; report in writing

Sexual activity between students, even between willingly participating students, can be sexual abuse. We recommend reporting all sexual activity between students as an SP4 (report of suspected harm or risk of harm).


Summer vacation pay

New CQU agreement signed

QTU TAFE Executive has reluctantly agreed to sign a new Central Queensland University certified agreement.