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Queensland Teachers' Journal

October 2017

Editorial: A focus on workload

November is Workload and Wellbeing Awareness Month (WWAM). There are a number of strands to QTU strategy, but I want to focus on workload

State Council report - 26 August 2017

Key issues discussed at State Council included the Staying Well strategy, marriage equality and NAPLAN Online. We also take a look at how the QTU makes its decisions.

Presidential team re-elected

The QTU’s current Presidential team has been re-elected for a further term.

New Educator Network 2017

The annual New Educator Network (NEN) training was held in Brisbane on Friday 18 and Saturday 19 August.

From the President: The price of distrust

What a disappointment to see the federal government and the Federal Education Minister, Senator Simon Birmingham, demonstrate a little of how bad a bad government can be.

Time for the 21st century school uniform

At its 2017 Conference, the QTU unanimously adopted policy to support student dress codes free from discrimination. Beck Humphreys explains why it matters.

From the VP: Sometimes you just have to say "no"

Given that the QTU has chosen November to shine a light on matters of workload and wellbeing, let’s talk about something many in our profession find difficult to do: saying no.

Pride in our profession? YES!

The Department of Education and Training hosted a special event to coincide with the Pride Festival discussing how it can better support LGBTIQ+ employees.

Marriage equality survey – ensure your vote is returned by 27 October

The QTU has been active in the Yes campaign for marriage equality. 

Has NAPLAN had its day? (QTJ Vol 122 No 7, 6 October 2017, p11)

The QTU State Council has voted unanimously to withdraw support for the online version of NAPLAN and determined to ballot members on banning its implementation and call for a review of NAPLAN with a view to replacing it.

QTU sets state election priorities

The QTU has confirmed which education policies it wishes to see offered to the people of Queensland by the political parties taking part in the next state election.

QTU state election claims 2017

These claims were adopted by QTU State Council on 26 August 2017, after six months of membership discussion and consultation.

2017 QTU Budget Submission most successful yet

As the QTU begins work on its next Budget Submission, it is worth taking a look at how the Palaszczuk government has performed in addressing the issues highlighted in this year’s document.

QTU Professional Issues Conference 2017

The theme of the 2017 QTU Professional Issues conference was Anticipate, Educate, Activate, and Celebrate.


November is Workload and Wellbeing Awareness Month. What will your school be doing?

WWAM - What schools are already doing

Schools are already sharing their stories about how they are taking actions to address workload issues and member wellbeing issues. Here is what some of those schools are doing.

WWAM poster

Keep a note of your school's WWAM actions on our pull-out WWAM poster.

World Teachers Day poster

Celebrate World Teachers Day on 27 October with our pull-out poster

Education International Seminar and World Indigenous Peoples Conference on Education

The QTU's delegation to the triennial World Indigenous Peoples Conference on Education (WIPCE) consisted of an unprecedented three members of the Gandu Jarjum Committee, Penny Taylor, Letitia Choppy and Letitia Murgha.

ueensland Community Alliance – a strong and successful foundation

The Queensland Teachers’ Union was proud to join with other unions, faith groups and ethnic and community associations for the founding assembly of the Queensland Community Alliance

Emma Miller – a century on, her legacy continues

Michelle Giles has been named as the 2017 QTU recipient of the Emma Miller Award.

Legal: New corporate card policies

A labyrinth of departmental policies, guidelines and directives exist to police the use of corporate cards in Queensland state schools.


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