(as paid under the Department of Education and Training State School Teachers' Certified Agreement 2016 and the Teaching in State Education Award – State 2016)

 Salaries as at 1 July 2016
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Supply Teachers
Classification Hourly Rate*
Daily Rate
Band 1 Step 1
Band 3 Step 4
74.7889 373.94

* NB – the above hourly rates are inclusive of the 23% casual loading.

  1.  A flat rate, set at the level of band 3 step 1, plus 23% casual loading, applies to all casual (supply) engagements for teachers.
  2. Engagement can range from minimum 2 hours to full day (5 hours). 
    Engagements beyond the normal 5 hours may occur with payment calculated at a multiple of the hourly rate, eg 6 hours = $448.70. 
    A supply teacher is to be employed for no more than 5 continuous days in one vacancy.
  3. Engagements beyond 2 hours are capable of payment in 15 minute blocks, 
    eg 3 hours and 15 minutes with payment calculated at a multiple of the hourly rate where 3.25 hours = $243.10. 
    Where an engagement of less than a full day includes the mid-morning break, the supply teacher will receive payment for this time.