Temp teacher communique - November 2017 (No.14)

In this edition: An update on the conversion to permanency process and how to make the most of it | Summer vacation pay and student free days | Suitability interviews are currently under review - what it means for you | Your Union dues, and why they change if you become permanent.

Temp teacher communique - July 2017 (No.13)

In this issue: Term three timelines for conversion to permanency process | Supply teachers working conditions | What is casual work? | Salaries | Supply day or a contract? | Conditions of employment | other conditions of employment | Credit for LSL | access to paid parental leave | continuity of service | supply teacher reciprocal membership | CPD | QTEC | PD opportunity | Learning place | myQTU | further information | no longer teaching

Temp teacher communique - March 2017 (No.12)

In this issue : Term one – conversion to permanency offers under the MOA | Temporary employment: the legislative context | Cessation of a contract | Payment for student free days/PD hours during the Easter vacation period