These programs are recognised as legitimate professional development by the Department of Education and Queensland College of Teachers. As such, it is appropriate to apply for release and funding through your normal school professional development processes.

The face-to-face programs that will be offered in various locations during 2019 include:

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BlackCard 300 x 350px.jpgBlack Card cultural capability training 

Full-day and two-hour programs developed by Aboriginal Elders and educators. 

These programs aim to build cultural knowledge and support teachers to work more effectively with First Nation students, parents and community members. They are ideal for any teacher seeking to develop their skills relating to APST descriptors 1.4 and 2.4, including those working towards HAT or Lead teacher certification.

Quest-understandinggraphic.jpgReconnecting to learning – understanding the traumatised child 

Full day and two-hour programs targeting a deep understanding of how early trauma, abuse and neglect can impact the developing brain. 

Our presenters Kellie and Rebecca have extensive experience in working with complex trauma cases. Both presenters have trained with the Child Trauma Academy in the USA and utilise evidence-based approaches to re-engage children and to build skills in teachers and school leaders alike. As school leaders, they have specialised in working with children who are disengaged and display extreme behaviours, many of whom have experienced trauma. Both have also been foster-carers for high-needs children, and have a wealth of experience to draw on. 

Schools that deliver 300 x 350px.jpgSchools that deliver – leadership masterclass

Full-day leadership masterclass by the authors of “Schools that deliver”

Dr John Edwards and Bill Martin founded an international network of schools and developed an award-winning school transformation process that supports school leaders, teachers and communities to create the schools they have always wanted. These masterclasses will suit any leader wanting to tap into world class research-based leadership skills and are ideal for school leadership teams looking to work more strategically together in their journey.

supporting leaders 300 x 350px.jpgSupporting leaders in supporting staff

A full-day program developed by QTU Officers Rebecca Hack and Paige Bousen

This practical program aims to support school leaders in working with teachers across the full range of career stages and capabilities. Throughout the day we will look at ways to use existing processes more effectively to develop teachers. These include the revised APR processes, managing unsatisfactory performance procedures, working with HAT and lead aspirants, and supporting aspiring leaders. A key focus will be on maintaining positive relationships and managing these processes in a manner that does not create undue workload or stress for school leaders.

Healthy conversations 300px.jpgHealthy conversations, healthy culture

Full-day and two-hour programs facilitated by internationally recognised behavioural scientist and negotiator Allan Parker.

Allan has written several books including the best-selling “Switch on your Brain” and “The Negotiator’s Toolkit”. He has developed “Healthy conversations, healthy culture” specifically to meet the needs of Queensland teachers and school leaders. Participants will learn a range of skills and micro behaviours aimed at building relationships and developing positive cultural improvement in the workplace. A focus will be on learning to prevent or resolve complex situations, whether they be with parents, students or staff, with an aim of achieving positive outcomes for all.

HAT LT 300 x 350px.jpgHighly accomplished and lead teacher training

An introductory 1.5-hour program and four-hour intensive program to support members in learning about and working towards HAT or Lead certification. 

Presented by experienced assessors, these workshops provide a range of tips and tools for those seeking certification. The sessions aim to develop participants’ skills in understanding and interpreting the APST and in gathering appropriate evidence to demonstrate their practice.

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