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TRUE – Rainbow Matters

This program is recognised as legitimate professional development by the Department of Education and Queensland College of Teachers. As such, it is appropriate to apply for funding through your normal school professional development processes.

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True Relationships and Reproductive Health is renowned for the quality of its service, content and delivery, which is why it has been trusted by community members, schools and families for over 40 years.  

True operates reproductive and sexual health clinics across Queensland and is also a provider of relationships and sexuality education programs, child safety programs and counselling for people who have experienced sexual abuse.

True is highly respected as a provider of professional development for professionals across many sectors, including teachers, early childcare workers, youth and social workers, allied health professionals and disability support workers.

This workshop aligns with the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers descriptors 4.1 and 4.4.

The presenter

Kirstine Hand is the Project Coordinator of Capability, Confidence and Diversity Initiative at True Relationships and Reproductive Health.  She also aims to increase awareness of the important role educators and school-based staff play in supporting student wellbeing and how this can be achieved through inclusive practices that are respectful of diversity.

Kirstine is a qualified teacher and has previous experience working in early childhood, school, university and non-government organisation settings. In additional to her role at True, she also currently works at QUT as a casual professional within the Faculty of Education.  Kristine is also on the committee for Diverse Voices, a non-profit organisation that provides phone and online support to the Queensland LGBTIQ+ community; and is a member of the Brisbane Police LGBTI Community Consultative Group.

Course information

True's Rainbow Matters workshop will increase the knowledge and understanding of school-based staff in how to support LGBTIQ+ students and families. The information provided in this workshop is relevant to all school settings.  It draws on research evidence to identify risk and protective factors for student wellbeing, which can be used to inform policy in your school setting, approaches to use when directly working with young people who may be at risk of homophobia or transphobia and ideas to integrate into your teaching practise. This workshop is guided by federal and state legislation, as well as relevant education policies, frameworks and procedures.

Participants attending the workshop will be able to:

  • Broadly understand key terminology and concepts associated with LGBTIQ+ identities and cultures

  • Identify risk and protective factors for wellbeing from research evidence relating to Australian youth

  • Summarise the impacts of homophobia and transphobic behaviour in Queensland schools

  • Identify opportunities for LGBTIQ+ student safety and inclusion in Queensland school communities

  • Understand where to find further information and resources

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What Queensland teachers are saying about the program:

"Thank you. This was a fabulous session that everyone should do. As the person driving the inclusion policy in the school your session will be reinforcing the message I am delivering on Thursday. Thank you again"

"As somebody who identifies as a member of the LGBTIQ+ community, I felt this presentation was very well targeted to inform and promote inclusive practices in a non-confrontational way, and one where I felt safe and respected"

"Very informative and would be very useful for all DoE staff"

"Thank you! Grateful to have been a part of this training as it has inspired to make some significant changes in this workplace as well as in other social settings"

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