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Supporting Teacher Wellbeing

This program is recognised as legitimate professional development by the Department of Education and Queensland College of Teachers. As such, it is appropriate to apply for release and funding through your normal school professional development processes.

Logo.jpgEmotional health of students is fundamental to both learning and well-being but… it is not possible to pour from an empty cup!

Emotional Health in Schools (EHiS) is a full-day workshop designed for teachers! This workshop will assist individual teachers and teaching groups to understand the science behind well-being and the role of social emotions in working collaboratively with colleagues. This introductory workshop will provide time and space for teachers to unpack their own well-being at school, to understand the foundations of social and emotional competence, and become more mindful in their teaching. Participants will work on an emotional health toolkit with strategies to take away that can be easily applied throughout their teaching day.

This workshop is ideal for all teachers, but particularly those working towards the Highly Accomplished Teacher (HAT) level of professional practice as outlined in the ‘Australian Professional Standards for Teachers’. Specifically, teachers will understand how to support colleagues to plan for effective teaching and learning through HAT descriptors 3.2, 3.3, 3.6. They will also understand the crucial need to work together to create safe and supportive learning environments through HAT descriptors 4.1, 4.2, 4.3.

The Presenter

Julie Bower Photo.jpgDr Julie Bower is an educational consultant for Emotional Health in Schools, and an Honorary Research Fellow at The University of Queensland. She is also a registered teacher and training consultant. 

Julie has over 30 years of experience in the education sector, 22 of those in educational research and more recently, in the development of the Mindfields® Suite of Programs, the CAT-RPM, and the Mindful Practice for Teachers Program.

Julie has conducted applied research in Australian secondary schools to understand the social and emotional processes that keep students at school and engaged in learning. She has developed real-time measures of emotion for classroom settings, assessment of both risk and protection in vulnerable youth; prevention and intervention programs for social and emotional well-being in students and teachers. Julie has published widely and presented her research both nationally and internationally.

What Queensland teachers are saying about the program:

“Julie brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the area of teacher well-being. Through working with Julie, we have taken a very large staff on a journey of learning and responding to their own well-being. Julie is fantastic to work with and will go “above and beyond” to ensure that growth in well-being occurs. Our staff have greatly benefited from her wisdom and support.”


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