QTU : The Voice of Teachers

Established in 1889, the QTU has chalked up over a century of achievement in helping teachers throughout Queensland, and is now the voice of more than 43,000 teachers in the Queensland Government's primary schools,secondary schools,special schools,senior colleges,TAFE colleges and other educational facilities.

The list of vital services which the Union provides for its members includes :

  • a legal assistance scheme
  • protection and advancement of salaries and industrial conditions
  • representation and advocacy on professional issues
  • a national voice through the Australian Education Union
  • an information and advisory service
  • a grievance service
  • the Queensland Teachers' Journal
  • the Professional Magazine
  • Teachers' Union Health
  • the Union Shopper
  • Members Equity Bank  

Join with more than 43,000 other QTU members

Operating the Union and its many services is an expensive undertaking. It is important that all eligible teachers join the Union and pay their dues. Every member counts.

Membership dues

Membership dues are determined by the Constitution and Rules of the Union (member login required for link). The formula for calculating Union dues can only be changed by an amendment to Union Rules.

  • For permanent teachers, the dues are 0.72 per cent of annual salary, plus 10 per cent GST.
  • While dues are payable on January 1, a 10 per cent discount is given if dues are received on or before March 31.
  • The annual salary used to calculate these dues is the salary at October 31 of the previous year.

Rates of pay for your salary classification can be found here

Click on the appropriate link to see membership dues for your sector (schools or TAFE).

[page updated 5 March 2015]