Nomination forms and notices for QTU positions

Notices for QTU positions and a nomination form are published as a supplement to each edition of the Queensland Teachers' Journal eight times per year. The positions in the notices supplement include:

  • Union Reps in schools and TAFEs
  • Branch positions in schools and TAFEs
  • Union standing committees
  • QTU representatives on outside bodies
  • QTU nominees to promotion selection panels

You can also download the following selected forms here

  • Form A - Union Representatives in schools/workplaces 2018 onwards
  • Form C - Branch positions
  • Form D - Area Council Women’s Contact
  • Form E - Union Standing Committees
  • Form F - QTU Representatives on Outside Bodies
  • Form G - QTU nominees on Promotion Selection Panels
  • Form I -  TAFE Division nominations for Branch positions
  • Form K - Union Representatives in TAFE Branches 2018 onwards
  • Expression of interest form for Acting Administrative Officers, 2018

Notices for elected positions

Election notices and nomination forms are published in the Queensland Teachers' Journal by the Electoral Commission of Queensland (ECQ) and also published on the ECQ website.

Page updated 12 March 2018