QTU Code of Ethics

Teachers have an important responsibility in guiding their students’ educational and social development.

Therefore, teachers should possess the following attributes:

  • social and emotional maturity
  • integrity
  • breadth and depth of learning
  • an understanding of human experience.

The Queensland Teachers’ Union trusts that all members will exemplify this code of ethics in the exercise of their professional duties.

The code

  1. The primary professional responsibility of teachers is the welfare of all students within their care.
  2. Teachers shall endeavour to promote such relationships between school and home as will contribute to the welfare and comprehensive development of each student.
  3. Teachers shall strive to achieve standards of professional conduct and to display attitudes towards their colleagues which will create mutual respect.
  4. Teachers shall assert their professional, industrial and civil rights and support their colleagues in the defence of these rights.
  5. Teachers shall strive to fulfil their responsibilities in a manner which will enhance the prestige of their profession.

QTU Policy 2013-15, Booklet H - Professional Development, Page 4.