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vocal health banner.pngA teacher’s voice is a major tool of their trade.

Vocal injuries are a serious workplace health and safety issue and are quite common. Vocal injury prevention and training is like an insurance policy for all teachers, whether they are experiencing voice problems or not.

Vocal health for teachers

This workshop aims to empower teachers with a deeper understanding and insight into their own voices. Throughout the day via interactive and practical sessions we will explore the anatomy of the voice, learn how to conserve and protect the voice as well as master exercises such as warm up routines and safe vocal projection techniques.

Get ready for a practical and fun day designed to leave teachers with renewed confidence in their vocal ability and endurance.

Vocal Essentials for Music and Drama Teachers

The vocal demand placed on Music and Drama teachers is extremely high.  

With such a heavy vocal load, it is vital that your voice is kept in tip-top shape. This workshop is tailor made just for you!  Join Kirsten on a fun journey of vocal discovery that will ensure your voice stays strong, flexible and maintains throughout your career. Many of the activities will also be useful to pass on to your students. This is one workshop that you will not want to miss!

This workshop aims to empower music and drama teachers with a deeper understanding and insight of their own vocal instrument. 

Through theory and loads of practical activities you will explore your own vocal strengths and weaknesses. You will learn how to conserve, warm-up and cool-down your voice as well as how to apply new skills to singing and drama. Get ready for a fun day of vocal empowerment. 

Activities include: Anatomy of the voice, stress and the voice, student-friendly techniques, exploring and expanding your vocal range, managing a high vocal load, medications and behaviours, avoiding and recovering from vocal huskiness as well as where to get further help. 

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The Presenter 

Kirsten GeraghtyKirsten Geraghty - Voice care for teachers.jpgis a qualified Speech Pathologist and practising member of Speech Pathology Australia. For the past 20 years Kirsten has been developing and refining her special interest in the field of voice therapy, vocal training and coaching. She has worked with many schools over the years so she is particularly in tune with the environment, stress, vocal demands and potential vocal pitfalls of the teaching profession.

Kirsten is passionate about vocal injury prevention and has run many workshops over the years with teachers, actors, singers, swimming and fitness coaches, and presenters in both television and radio. Kirsten works closely with WorkCover Queensland to guide teachers through their vocal rehabilitation and enjoys watching her clients recover and reach their vocal potential. She has a private practice, Vocal Impact, which is based on the Gold Coast.


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