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The QTU has produced brochures and basic guides to summarise & clarify conditions of employment, rights & responsibilities of employees and employers as determined by the Awards, Certified Agreements, legislation and other information relevant to teachers as government employees in this State. 

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Fact checker : after-school meetings

Fact checker : Age retirement / superannuation

Fact checker : asserting my working rights

Fact checker : camps, excursions and playground duty replacements

Fact checker : contract work and permanent positions

Fact checker : data collection

Fact checker : Experienced senior teacher duties

Fact checker : external transfer appeals

Fact checker : extra-curricular events & MUP

Fact checker : Form class and non-contact time

Fact checker : impact of enrolment figures on contracts

Fact checker : Individual curriculum plan

Is an ICP required for every child who is underperforming?

Fact checker : lesson observations

Fact checker : mandatory training

Fact checker : master teacher's duties

Fact checker : master teachers' research obligations

Fact checker : master teachers' role

Fact checker : medical certificates

Fact checker: non-contact time

Fact checker : Non-contact time for part-time teachers

Fact checker : paid parental leave

Fact checker : parent/teacher interviews

Fact checker : parental leave and return to part-time work

Fact checker : part time school administrators

Fact checker : PD during staff meetings

Fact checker : performance ratings and contracts

Fact checker : profiling in the classroom

Fact checker : reasonable adjustments and children with disabilities

Fact checker : Senior teacher quotas

Fact checker : sick leave and MUP

Fact checker : stress leave and ill-health retirement

Fact checker : student detention

Fact checker : student reporting

Fact checker : supervision before start of school day

Fact checker : supply teachers and playground duty

Fact checker : teacher transfers

Fact checker : timelines for housing repairs

Fact checker : transfer request appeals

Fact checker : walk-throughs

Fact checker : working hours

  • INFORMATION brochures summarise and clarify conditions of employment and the rights and responsibilities of employees and employers
  • ADVICE  brochures assist members in the application of this information to their particular circumstances
  • Additional information specific to our TAFE members is contained in the TAFE brochures.
  • LEGAL brochures contain legal information in relation to matters including accidents, negligence, the QTU 's legal assistance scheme for members and more. Access to Legal Information brochures is restricted to QTU members.

Disclaimer: The Union has endeavoured to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in these documents at the date of the publication. If you intend to take action based on the information contained in these documents, please contact the Union to ensure that the information is current. No responsibility will be accepted by the Union to persons acting in reliance on these documents. 
Authorised by Graham Moloney, General Secretary, Queensland Teachers' Union, 21 Graham St, Milton,Q. 4064