Teacher transfer timelines 2016

Timelines for review against REQUESTED non-transfer

Dates Tasks

Thursday 15 September 2016

Teacher transfers released 

Friday14 October 2016

Deadline for receipt of non-transfer (requested) review to regional office

Friday 28 October 2016

Letter advising outcome of review against requested non-transfer, will be mailed to appellant’s home address and emailed/faxed to school (through the principal).

Timelines for review against REQUIRED transfer

Dates Tasks

Thursday 15 September 2016

Teacher transfers released 

Monday 10 October 2016

Deadline for receipt of required transfer review to regional office

Friday 21 October 2016

Letter advising outcome of review against required transfer, will be mailed to appellant’s home address and emailed/faxed to school (through the principal)

On or before Friday, 11 November 2016

Deadline for notice of appeal lodgement – 21 days

Teacher transfer and expression of interest requirements

Every year in term two there is always some confusion about what forms*, if any need to completed for teachers who are: returning from leave; requesting a move to part-time; requesting a transfer; not wanting a transfer but are advised to indicate their geographic preferences.

Click here to see what teachers need to do in a range of scenarios relevant to the annual staffing/transfer cycle.

Advice to teachers who are contemplating submitting a transfer in 2016

  • If you are certain you want a transfer, submit the application as soon as possible after 3 May 2016 the date upon which online transfer applications open. Submitting the application early in the process will allow the receiving regions more time to identify and create vacancies for teachers returning from the completion of rural or remote service.

  • If you are interested in transferring to an IPS you have the opportunity to indicate this preference on the online application and nominate specific IP schools. 

  • If you are unsure if you should submit a transfer request it may be better to submit and withdraw the application at a later date as it appears transfers lodged after the application closing date and in particular during term 4 are not usually granted regardless of the points and service accrued.

  • If you are currently located in a preferred area you may be eligible for transfer to a rural and/or remote centre. The Union advises you to inform the department of your circumstances and/or geographic preferences.

  • Teacher Transfer Profile 

    • This tool is used by some schools to assist the department in determining a teacher’s eligibility for transfer. The completion of the profile tool is not mandatory but the QTU advises members to ensure the department is aware of all their relevant circumstances that may prevent a transfer to a particular location.
  • For teachers who are submitting compassionate transfer requests ensure you submit the necessary documentary evidence with your transfer application e.g. for compassionate transfer requests based on medical grounds you will generally require specialist medical evidence.
  • Expressions of Interest (EOI) – Each year the QTU is contacted by members who are advised by DET or their principal to complete an online EOI application because they may be considered for an intra-regional transfer. It is not compulsory for a teacher to complete an EOI as part of the transfer process but if a teacher believes they may receive an intraregional transfer then the QTU advises members to ensure that the department is fully informed of both their circumstances and geographic preferences.

Union Assistance

If you require assistance with the completion of your application or you believe your transfer application may require QTU advocacy at regional office, please contact your Organiser to discuss. General transfer enquiries can be made through the Queensland Teachers Assist Desk on 1300 11 7823.

Appealing a transfer decision

A teacher can appeal a transfer at any time. However for administrative convenience the Department puts in place an annual appeal cycle and publishes set dates for appeals to be heard.

The 2016 transfer appeal cycle will commence after the release of transfers on 15 September.

If at this time you have requested a transfer which has not been granted or you have received an unwanted or unrequested transfer you may wish to explore appeal options.

For assistance with establishing grounds for appeals; information on local transfers; a detailed explanation of the Departmental appeals process and the necessary documentation click here.

Intra-regional transfer process - QTU advice

According to the transfer guidelines, a required transfer will be effected as necessary:

  • to meet the staffing needs of schools throughout the state
  • to create a vacancy in a preferred geographic area for a teacher with a high number of transfer points, who is requesting a transfer 
  • to provide a teacher with a range of teaching experiences 
  • where it is considered unreasonable for a particular teacher to serve longer in a school/geographic area.

A required transfer must be accepted, unless the teacher can establish that reasonable grounds exist for not accepting it.

The Department’s Teacher Transfer Guidelines state:

In effecting a required transfer, Senior Human Resources Consultants will fully consider the departmental employment history of the teacher but not limited to service in rural and remote locations. In some regions in the past, teachers were identified for transfer based on their years of service in a single location. The reasons given for this were for “renewal” and to provide a “range of teaching experiences”. We believe that the length of service in a school should not be the only criterion for asserting that teachers need renewal or a greater range of teaching experiences.

While some might relish the challenge of starting at a new school, others like their lives and careers a bit more planned and ordered. Renewal should also meet the needs of the employee, not just the employer. It needs to reflect the career path and journey of the teacher, to ensure that each individual teacher is allowed to play to their strengths. While the QTU recognises that intra-regional transfers need to occur in some form, basing them on limited criteria is not acceptable.

Teachers may be asked to complete a Teacher Service Profile to help identify those more suitable for intra-regional transfers. Whilst these are optional, the QTU recommends that teachers give as much information as possible to help the HR staff place teachers in the most appropriate positions.

If you require any further information, please contact the QTU.

Page updated 26 August 2016

DET Teacher Transfer Survey closing 7 Nov 2016

The Department of Education and Training (DET) is currently involved in a project to review the teacher transfer process. As part of this process DET is providing QTU members with the opportunity to complete a brief survey  to provide the department with feedback about the effectiveness of the current process and what improvements can be made to it.

Please note the following:

  • Teachers and principals who were involved in the 2016 teacher transfer process (e.g. applied for a transfer) will be invited to participate in another survey.
  • This survey will remain open until COB Monday 7 November.

Please contact the QTU if you have any questions about the survey.