Great Teachers = Great Results plan

The QTU has called on the government to meaningfully negotiate with the QTU around the issues in the Great Teachers = Great Results plan since its release in April 2013.

They have failed to do this.

Key elements of the plan that the government seeks to introduce in 2014 year are a system of performance review (which in all appearances is a performance appraisal process), fixed term performance based contracts for principals and performance bonuses. Members have been informed of these issues through a series of updates to schools and area meetings.

8 April : The Newman Government released Great Teachers = Great Results plan ("The Plan")

9 April : The QTU released its initial response to The Plan

7 May : The QTU released an action-by-action analysis of The Plan

This response includes the QTU position on each matter, as well as clearly indicating the QTU's preparedness to negotiate on some areas of The Plan.This has been provided to the Director General of DETE by Senior Officers of the QTU.

Ballot information:



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Graham Moloney, QTU General Secretary

Video by QTU member in support of the ballot

Kate Ruttiman, QTU Deputy General Secretary

Sam Pidgeon, QTU Honorary Vice President


Sleeping dragon, not so hidden agenda

Over the last term, the QTU has been advising members of the attacks on the profession resulting from the state government’s plan for education: Great Teachers=Great Results.

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The state government's vision includes a number of key issues that do not recognise the professionalism of Queensland’s teachers, the complexity of the communities in which we teach and the roles we undertake.

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Teachers who have experienced the impact of plans like "Great Teacher = Great Results" in the UK and US, where such approaches are deeply entrenched, know only too well what could happen in Queensland.

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