School staffing campaign

In its 2012 Budget, the state government funded only 270 additional teachers, teacher-aides and support staff, even though an estimated 837 were needed to cater for enrolment growth in 2013.

The shortfall, amounting to 569 full-time equivalent positions, is being funded by redirecting staffing allocations previously used by schools to limit class sizes, provide early literacy support and allow schools to offer a broader curriculum.

The result is that schools are operating with reduced teacher numbers, despite having an equal or greater number of students.

Education Minister John-Paul Langbroek has been reported as dismissing these staffing cuts as "minor adjustments", but QTU members are campaigning to make it clear that these "adjustments" are having major repercussions in our schools and that they will not tolerate penny-pinching at the expense of providing quality, well-resourced education to our students.

Find out how you can take part in the campaign by reading the Newsflash (8 Feb 2013).

Application for additional staffing to regions – post Day 8

Union reps should discuss the impact of staffing cuts with principals and other school leaders. Schools affected by budget cuts can apply to their region for an additional allocation through the Application for Additional Staffing Allocation form. Each region will produce a form to be completed by the principal of the particular school, outlining such issues as:

  • the reason for the application
  • details of the employee type and period requested
  • current and proposed class arrangements or the other impacts of the cuts
  • detailed and comprehensive explanation for the reasons behind the application

For further information, please read the Union Rep Update issued on 25 January 2013