The benefits of belonging

Tackling workload

The number one issue in the 2019 member survey and the QTU’s number one priority. Only the QTU can organise to achieve a reduction in workload for teachers and school leaders.

Wages and conditions

QTU members secured EB agreements in schools and TAFE, with significant increases in pay and conditions. The focus is now on implementing them and ensuring members receive the benefits.

Promoting public education

The QTU campaigns for better needs-based funding for schools and TAFE, including in the lead-up to the 2020 state election.

National voice

A QTU member also belongs to the Australian Education Union, the second largest union in the country, influencing agendas on education and VET nationally.

A campaigning organisation

From class sizes and school and TAFE funding to workload, the QTU is a professional campaigning organisation with the resources and expertise to makes things happen.

Strength in numbers

The QTU has more than 47,000 members. Whether at a school or institute, state or national level, a QTU member does not stand alone.

Democracy in action

The QTU operates on the basis of decisions made by practising teachers and school leaders on QTU Council and Executive, implemented by professional officers. QTU members participate in decisions at all levels – school, branch, region and state.

A professional voice

Teacher unions represent members professionally as well on curriculum, pedagogy, assessment, registration and professional standards. The Union is the teachers’ voice to the Queensland College of Teachers, the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority and the TAFE Consultative Committee.

Professional protection

When things go wrong, the QTU is there to support and represent you and ensure justice and fair treatment. QTU officers are experienced in dealing with industrial and professional rules and with complaints against members.

Legal assistance

Members have access to expert legal advice and assistance from lawyers specialising in education and employment law. It’s free in cases arising from work.

Finding out

Get information and advice about pay and conditions from Queensland Teachers Assist Desk (QTAD), as well as, the Queensland Teachers’ Journal, Newsflashes, and the QTU library

A Professional Library service for members

Training and PD

Get access to training on industrial issues through Queensland Teachers’ Education Centre (QTEC) and professional development courses through Queensland Education Support and Training (QuEST).

Great Services

Get health insurance from the QTU-created health fund TUH, and save money through the Union Shopper buying service.

Wins for QTU members

Wins for education leaders

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