PART 1 - Title and dates of Operation
PART 2 - Dispute Resolution
PART 3 - Types of Employment, Consultation and Termination of Employment
PART 4 - Minimum Salary Levels, Allowances and Related Matters
PART 5 - Hours of Work and Related Matters
PART 6 - Leave of Absence and Public Holidays
PART 7 - Transfers, Travelling and Working Away from Usual Place of Work
PART 8 - Training and Related Matters
PART 9 - Union Related Matters.
Schedule 1 - Classification Descriptors
Schedule 2 - Senior Teacher Undertaking
Schedule 3 - Specified Schools Serving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities. 
Schedule 4 - Directives Which Apply to Employees Covered by this Awar

TAFE Sector, TAFE Queensland employees

TAFE Queensland Award - State 2016
The TAFE modern award for employees of TAFE Qld

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