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Queensland Commission of Audit Interim Report June 2012

The Premier Campbell Newman MP and the Treasurer and Minister for Trade Tim Nicholls MP appointed three independent Commissioners to the Commission of Audit: the Honourable Peter Costello AC (Chairman), Dr Doug McTaggart and Professor Sandra Harding.This Interim report, known widely as the "Costello report", covering the state of the Government’s financial position was released on 15 June 2012

Review of the Costello Report, released 7 Sep 2012

Written by former Professor of Accounting at the University of Sydney, Bob Walker, and respected economist Dr Betty Con Walker, and therefore known as the "Walker Report". Summarised the Costello report as <em>"Crude analysis.Not ‘independent’. Not an ‘audit’.</em>

The Queensland Commission of Audit Interim report : a critical review by John Quiggin

Queensland Government Interim response to Commission Of Audit

QTU State Budget Submission 2013-14

The Queensland Teachers’ Union State Budget submission 2013-14 focuses on five critical aspects of education in Queensland. Download the submission here.

QTU state budget submission 2010-11

QTU state budget submission 2010/2011

Capital works and maintenance - reducing class sizes, years P-3 and 11-12 - Needs-based resourcing - and the State Government green A Flying Start for Queensland children

Securing Queensland’s Future

A resourcing agenda for state schools : addressing the funding of first-rate facilities (this includes building, maintenance and WHS) ; Improving educational outcomes (this includes behaviour management, class sizes, curriculum, VET in schools) ; Ensuring equity (includes SES, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education, SWDs, ESL, learning support, isolated students) ; Attracting and retaining high quality teachers across the state (Professional development, professionalism, RAIS, teacher housing); Educational leadership ; School grants and resources; Resourcing reforms

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