Covid-19 information for temporary teachers, 9 April 2020

A special message for our temporary teacher members
from the General Secretary of the QTU

 The QTU appreciates that these are unsettling, uncertain times for all.  This is particularly true for you, our temporary teacher members – those who work in contract and supply teaQcher roles.  We know that as a temporary teacher, you don’t enjoy the same job security as permanent teachers. That's why the QTU has been in regular, daily contact with .the department, advocating for you and your temporary teacher colleagues on the issues that uniquely affect you in this current climate.

Further to the email we provided to all temporary teachers yesterday, the QTU has been able to obtain further confirmation from the department regarding the following questions

Q. I did a contract in week eight and supply in week nine. Will the contract days be counted when the week ten payment is calculated?

A. Yes. In this example, both the temporary contract and casual supply work will be used as the basis for payment in week ten.

Q. What about days that were booked in week nine but then cancelled (with notice) due to low numbers – do those days count or is it only the days on which I was actively engaged?

A.Only the days that are actually worked will be used. Where bookings were cancelled, normal arrangements apply.

Q. What if I’m on unpaid leave? Should I expect to receive anything from the supply days I performed in weeks eight and nine?.​​​​​​

A. All work performed as a casual teacher in weeks eight and nine will be used to estimate the week ten payments.

As communicated in the email sent to members yesterday, if you are not eligible to receive payment for week ten, you may be able to access special pandemic leave or paid special leave.  Information regarding this is included below.

Staying informed and taking proactive steps are essential to maintaining your wellbeing during these difficult times.

To stay informed, you can:


To be proactive, you can:

* you can send any questions you have about accessing this leave to

The Department of Education's Employee Assistance Program is also available to department staff and immediate family members wishing to access free, confidential, face-to-face or telephone counselling services for work or non-work related issues.

Contact the department's external Employee Assistance provider, LifeWorks by Morneau Shepell, on 1800 604 640.  This is a 24/7 telephone number. 

It is also beneficial to ensure that you only refer to trusted sources for news and information relating to COVID-19, such as:

Be assured, the QTU has "got you" during this crisis. We are advocating for access to leave and continuity of employment wherever possible; we are providing advice and support to members across the state; and we are negotiating the way forward for our members.

As always, you can contact us at QTAD by phoning 1300 11 7823 or emailing

Stay safe over the long weekend, and take the opportunity to recharge at home.

Warm regards,

Graham Moloney
General Secretary


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