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TAFE EB10 Bulletin no.17 | 3 Sep 2019

TAFE Executive recommends acceptance of revised EB10 offer

Late yesterday afternoon (Monday 2 September), the QTU TAFE Executive met to consider a revised enterprise bargaining (EB10) offer from TAFE Queensland.

After careful consideration of the detail of the offer, TAFE Executive determined:

  • to provide ‘in-principle’ acceptance of the offer from TAFE Queensland dated 2 September 2019
  • to ballot QTU TAFE Division members working in TAFE Queensland on acceptance of the offer
  • to recommend to QTU TAFE Division members working in TAFE Queensland that they vote to accept the offer.

‘In principle’ acceptance means that the QTU TAFE Executive believes that the offer provided by TAFE Queensland meets our expectations in negotiations and should be considered as the basis for full and final settlement of the claims of TAFE Queensland, Together and the QTU.

From the QTU perspective, the four priority issues of pay, programming, permanency and measures to address gender employment inequity have been satisfactorily addressed.

A final decision on acceptance of the offer lies with QTU TAFE Division members working in TAFE Queensland.

The QTU will now prepare detailed materials on the offer for the information of members, which will be posted to the QTU website at www.qtu.asn.au/eb10 as soon as possible.

The QTU anticipates that the ballot process will commence later this week.

Please check your emails and the QTU website for further information in coming days.

 Authorised by Graham Moloney, General Secretary, Queensland Teachers' Union
21 Graham Street,Milton, QLD, Australia, 4060

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